As times progress we have found multiple ways to live in comfort. One of these way s are traditional radiators which most households and businessesstill use today. However radiators are now becoming outdated and far less
superior. Why is this? Well many factors come into play, you may notice when going on holiday most other countries have an air conditioning system built in, here in the UK we’re slightly behind but more people are installing AC day by day.

So why change to air conditioning? The biggest advantage to air con in a home is definitely a better night’s sleep. Believe it or not but we actually sleep better in colder conditions, being able to set the exact temperature in
your bedroom efficiently and quickly is a huge benefit. This year has also seen a lot of employees having to make do and work from home which some people have struggled with massively. A purpose built air conditioning system can improve work performance hugely. Keeping you comfortable and not distracted from the task in mind.

The list goes on from reducing dehydration and asthma attacks to keeping insects and home parasites away. But we understand a major factor for a change like this is cost. A lot of people assume that the running cost is a lot
higher then radiators but are then surprised by the answer. Our systems are built to save you money over time! When you start to compare the kilowatt usage of AC compared to radiators you can begin to see the savings! Obviously this all depends on how much you use it but economically speaking air conditioning systems are great value for the money.

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