Air Conditioning Installation throughout the UK

We provide air conditioning installation in any property, from homes and shop floors to cold rooms and kitchens.

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We aim to provide the best solution for our customers by keeping costs low and energy savings high! Take a look at some of the company’s we’ve worked with below!

Why switch to AC?

– Purified air helping breathing

– Reduces pests & parasites

– Cost effective

– Improves productivity

Air conditioning has advanced that much over the years, the new technology and science behind the equipment offers incredible health benefits!

air conditioning installation

R32 Gas Information

Air conditioning & refrigeration systems must comply with EU laws!

F-Gas Certified

It is a legal requirement for all companies who install, maintain or service stationary refrigeration, air-conditioning, heat-pump equipment that contains “F gas” refrigerants, to hold a Company Certificate issued by an appointed Company Certification Body. Coolwave Solutions Ltd are fully compliant with all regulations and requirements.

air conditioning installation