Whenever we install a new air conditioning system into an office, house or shop for the first time, you can guarantee that before we walk out the door at least one member of staff has come over and said thanks. You can see the look of relief in their eyes. More often than not they can feel the difference almost immediately.

This is especially true for buildings with poor quality ventilation. Buildings need air circulation not only to help keep temperatures at the optimum level but to remove stale air which has lingered for too long. Old buildings in particular can be susceptible particularly when walls are thick and there are few cavities.

Stale air can allow microbes such as mould, mildew, dust mites, bacteria, smoke fumes and paint fumes to hang around. Indeed some people even regard air fresheners as doing more harm than good, particularly when they are particularly close by. We’ve heard many people complain of sickness, nausea, headaches and fatigue often because they feel the air quality of a particular building is poor.

Some of the best solutions for removing stale air from buildings are the simplest.

1. Open windows to let fresh air circulate through the buildings. Just be wary if you are near a main road.

2. Open curtains and blinds. Natural negative ionization and UV rays can help to clean air.

3. Plants are a great way to remove harmful toxins. Many such as Peace lilies, Golden Pothos and Dracaenas are great for absorbing toxins.

Allowing your buildings to breathe properly will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed whether at work or home. For children in particular it’s important to ensure this is the case. Start with these quick tips and you’ll soon notice a difference.